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How to Install and configure Cyberoam Client on a PC


Step 1 : Download and Install Cyberoam client;

Copy and paste https://www.cyberoam.com/cyberoamclients.html to your address bar of browser.

According to your operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux ) of computer, you can select proper software to download.


cyberoam url


After download is completed install software on your computer by double clicking.

At the end of install process a shortcut link will be added to your desktop which is named as

"Cyberoam General Authentication Client "


Step 2 : Configure Cyberoam client ;

You need to double click on shortcut link which was created on your desktop. A new window will appear on your PC on which configuration settings will be done.

As seen on attached picture configure, Server address will be




Necessary checkbox settings will be configured as seen on picture.

When you are done, you can click on Check button to see if the Server address is typed correctly.

If it is correct then you will see a new window which says "Cyberoam server found" then you will press on OK.


Step 3 : Entering user credentials on login screen ;

On the next step you will see login screen appears on your dekstop. You will enter your credentials to related boxes according to attached picture of User credentials.

User name : it is your internet username which has a general format of name.surname

Password  : It is your internet password 


login credentials


If you want the software to remember your password for next logons then you will keep Save checkbox to be selected.

At the end, you will see a report of your typed credentials. And if you entered correctly then you will see that you have succesfully entered to the system as seen on attached picture.


succesful login


If you entered wrong password (selected wrong language on keyboard, "Caps lock" key was active etc )

You will see a warning message as seen on Wrong Password picture. You have entered Wrong credentials. You need to check your username or password.


wrong name








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