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How to see SDU internet usage details.


Step 1 : When you open your internet browser in your computer, you will see login page if you are not using Cyberoam Autologin client software. Please take a look on picture below.


On that login page you need to click on  "Личный кабинет" button.

Step 2-: After clicking on button, you will see Entering login credentials screen which can be seen in picture. You need to enter correct login credentials in that page. Then you need to click on login button.


Step 3-: On the next page, you will see some options in your personal internet account page. On the left side of page, there is a link like "Account Status" and under that page, there is "Internet Usage" link. You can see on step 3 picture. And when you click on internet usage link, you will see your usage details on the right side of page.




There are different information given in this page.UnderCurrentDailyCycle Usage Information ,you can see your daily cycle details.


Cycle Download Data Transfer 1500 MB , means that your daily download limit is 1.5 GB 

Cycle Upload Data Transfer 3000 MB, means that your daily Upload limit is 3 GB 

On the right side of that tab, you will see your remaning resource. As seen on attached picture.


And finally you can see your some more login details like IP address you loggen in from, At which date and time you logged on, How much data is uploaded and downloaded in each session etc. It can be seen on attached final picture.

step 5



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