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How to get SDU internet password.


Step 1 :  You need to type  http://password.sdu.edu.kz/ on address bar of your internet browser as seen on attached picture.


site url



There are two options on this site, the part which is located on the left side of screen can be used for password reset. And the Title is  " Reset your internet password " . This tool can be used if you forgot your internet password or if its your first time of internet login and you need to get a random password.


The right part of page has a tool for changing existing password. If you know your password and just want to change it then you can use " Change your internet password " tool.


Step 2 : If you forgot your internet password,choose left side. You need to type your internet username to the

" Type your internet ID " box. Its format is "name.surname" for staff and ID number for students. Under that box you will see answer box where you need to type answer of addition question in digits. Then press on Submit button.





Step 3: After pressing on " Submit " button You will see a confirmation message. It says
" Your new password is sent to your Emailwhich means your internet username is found
in database and an email address is assigned to it. And randomly (includes mixed characters)
generated password has been sent to your email address.


Step 4: You need to check your email address inbox. There must be an email received
from password@sdu.edu.kz. This email includes your internet password and it is ready to use.

received email





















In case of errors . You may see other warnings on screen such as Your email address, username maybe not registered in database, you need to apply to IT Department.


















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