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How to login to Spark IM Software.


Getting started


Start Spark.

Enter your login( format is name.surname)  information, password then click Login.

































After clicking on login, Main screen appears as seen on picture below.





























To be able to see contacts yo have to add by clicking on Contacts







After pressing on Add Contact Button, you will see contact details form

Enter your contact's information. In the Add Contact dialog, enter the contact's username. 

Select or enter the name of the group you want to add the contact to, then click Add.






























Sending messages





















Spark is using tabs to present separate one to one chats or group chats. In the top left corner of a window you can see your contact's avatar (if he has set one), name, occupation, email address. On the right there is a toolbar letting you check contact's profile, start a group chat automatically inviting that user, send files, send screenshot, view complete chat history. This toolbar can also show additional buttons enabled by plugins. Like OTR button in the above example. In the middle of a window you can see the old (before the line) and current history. Usually it shows 20 last messages, but this can be disabled in the Preferences. At the bottom there is a field to put your message in (pressing Enter will send your message). Above the input field there is an emoticon picker, spellchecker button and a 'buzz' (or 'nudge') button, which allows to draw an attention of your contact by shaking his/her window. On the right there is a little button with a red cross, which allows setting the chat window to show always on top of other windows.


Sending broadcast messages

You can broadcast a message to everyone on your contact list by going into menu Actions and selecting the Broadcast message option. In there you can select whole Roster, individual users or groups, enter you message and send it to selected users. Alternatively you can select a subset of people you want to broadcast to by holding the CTRL key and clicking on their names in the contacts list (on the Macintosh, hold the Command key), then right-clicking and selecting Send broadcast to selected users.... You can also right-click the group's name and select Broadcast message to group.


Sending files

Files can be sent from the chat window by using the Send file button on the toolbar or just dragging files into a chat window. One can also right-click a contact in the list and select Send a file option. When a user gets a request to receive a file, he has to accept it. After the file has been received a user can press Open or Open folder to access that file.


Using group conferences

Using group chat can be an alternative to scheduling a meeting. To start a group chat click the Actions menu, then click Start a conference option. You can set a name for a temporary group chat room, select users to invite and start a conference. To join an existing room go to Actions menu and select the Join conference room entry. In the room browser you will be able to browse existing rooms, bookmark and join them.

Tip: You can also start a conference by selecting the names of people in your contact list, right-clicking one of them, then clicking Start a conference.




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