How to recover forgotten SDU portal password.

Step 1 : Type on address bar of internet browser.




Step 2 :Click on Can't access my account button which is under password box, as seen on attached picture below.


cant access

Step 3 : On the new screen appears, You need to select your proper language for password recovery process.

Then you will enter your portal username which has a format of name.surname into the username box. Then you will press on continue button as seen on attached picture below.


 Step 4 : On the next screen after clicking continue button, you will see CAPTCHA entering box, and you will type what you see on the left side. If you can't read it then you can refresh and get a new code to type. Then you will click on continue button ass seen on picture below.





After clicking on continue button,you will see report of password recovery process. If it is successful and your username is found in database you will be sent an email which includes password recovery link.



mail sent


If you see some other kinds of errors then you need to apply to portal responsible person.

Step 5 : Finally you got the email which has been sent by system. You need to login to your SDU email account via



mail received

 mail inside


Step 6: When you click on link which exists in incoming email, you will see password creation screen. On that screen you will type your password into two boxes.In each box you need to type same password.

Password creation rules are mentioned, if you don't obey to the rules your password will not be accepted.

You can see attached picture below to understand the process.



password ready 


Finally You will see a report on screen if you have successfully changed your password. And you can log in to portal with your new password.




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