How to change Moodle-SDU wifi - Windows logon password

Step 1 :  You need to type on address bar of your internet browser as seen on attached picture.

If you forgot your WiFi password, you need to type your internet username to the

Step 1: Type your ID to field. Its format is "name.surname" for staff and ID number for students.

Step 2: You must select reCAPTCHE box. "I'm not a robot"

Step 3: After pressing on " Submit " button You will see a confirmation message. It says 

" Your new password is sent to your Emailwhich means your internet username is found 
in database and an email address is assigned to it.

Step 4: You need to check your email address inbox. There must be an email received from This email includes link to change password.

If you have not received mail, you need to apply to IT Department or SSC.


















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